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Delivers personalized content to your customers’ preferred channel.

Personalized Email

  • Maximize engagement by dynamically rendering your customers’ most relevant content


Dynamic Circular

  • Present a personalized circular to every customer


Targeted Display Ads

  • Device agnostic IP address targeting achieves 100% online ad coverage of households in your store trade area

Social Media

  • Create a customer acquisition channel by offering social specific deals


Integrated eCommerce

  • Encourage online purchases with Email & Circular ‘buy now’ links directly to online store offers


Personalized In-Store Experience

  • Increase basket & return trips with targeted offers presented at POS and Pharmacy

We Make Your Data Work Harder for You

SavingsPlus®  Integrated Data Solutions

  • No changes to current marketing processes required

  • SavingsPlus® uses your current data and offer pool to create customer-centric personalization

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