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Utilizes your consumer's trust to help them make healthy choices.

Shopper Rewards

  • Attracting and incenting health-seeker food and pharmacy shoppers, driving loyalty, trips and spend. Reach and engage health-seeker shoppers, helping them make healthier product choices while saving them money. Amplify awareness and use of nutritional scoring programs. Reward participation through purchases, check-in events and activities, online activities and social media sharing of health challenges.


Pharmacist Recommends

  • Engaging targeted patient populations during a moment in care. Tailored to patient’s medication and demographic relevance. HIPAA HITECH compliant. Dispensed by pharmacist or pharmacy technician.


  • Patented digital display advertising utilizing IP addresses to reach desired targets. Device agnostic; reach extends to desktop, mobile or tablet device. Not cookie-based, maximize online coverage with 1.8 billion IP addresses. Generates higher click thru rates and engagement.

Personalized Medicine

  • Technology has enabled the practice of personalized medicine using an individual’s genetic profile to guide decisions for the prevention, treatment and diagnosis of disease. Personalized medicine can minimize adverse drug events, mitigate risk and improve patient drug adherence. Collaboration with the pharmacist reinforces positive relationship with patients and physicians.

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